At the beginning of the sixties, when San Antonio was starting to be noticed on the map as a tourist resort, Pepe Roselló, a young and enterprising ibicencan, had the idea of "El Rincón de Pepe". It opened in the summer of 1962 and has kept its identical spirit through all these years, a spirit characterised by its will to please and be pleasant to its visitors.
Built in the patio of an old house the enormous grapevine reminds us of this, giving it a human touch. The restaurant was and continues to be a 'must' for those who love the Ibiza of today, of yesterday and of always.
Indeed its history is the recent history of San Antonio Town in particular and of the island of Ibiza in general. Following the words of Kafka, who said that cities are their places, we could say that a little of San Antonio is to be found in El Rincón de Pepe.
The variety of its gastronomy is reflected in the variety of its customers -lifelong Ibicencan friends, island residents, passing tourists, artists, politicians, businessmen, fashion-designers, and an endless number of people, all seeking the simplicity of its ambiance and its good food. Perhaps 'social oasis' is the name which best describes it.
So now you know! Do not hesitate to visit us and enjoy a little of our 'Dolce Vita'!

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