Situated to the west of the island of Ibiza, the town of Sant Antoni de Portmany owes its name, on the one hand, to the patron saint of animals and, on the other to its magnificent bay. Indeed, Portmany comes from the latin Portus Magnus, or what is the same: Puerto Magno. We are talking of one of its greatest scenic attractions, one that has made it famous and turned it into one of the most important tourist spots on the mediterranean.
Gone is that little fishing village, with its low, white houses, splashed by the sea. What used to be an island people living from the sea and the land is now a population of mixed cultures where the good and the best of that Ibiza still survive: live and let live!
From sunrise to sunset, San Antonio offers a variety of exciting options: shopping, restaurants, visits to places of its local heritage, excursions by sea or by land to its beautiful coves or simply strolling round its streets and relaxing at its side-walk cafés -all this becomes an unforgettable experience. All you have to do is feel like it: the light, the sea and the people will do the rest.



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